Ground Tour Tracker AJ

Ground Tour Tracker AJ 2.2

Ground Tour Tracker is a built-for-speed reservation entry system
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Ground Tour Tracker is a built-for-speed reservation entry system for the small ground tour operator. This includes shuttle services, bus companies, and sight-seeing operations. You have a schedule that lists bookings for the day right on your reservation entry screen. For help with dispatching, you can highlight any tour and quickly see a passenger list. This kind of operation generally uses buses, vans, or shuttles. Charters also are handled easily. Billing time is orgranized and dramatically reduced.

Main Features:
- Increase cash flow by quickly and easily printing out clear tour billing breakdowns (invoices) to include with invoices for Agencies.
- Bus pickup lists may be printed by Tour or Combo for drivers. Combos are groups of related tours that you can define. Specific combo orders can be determined by you.
- Daily schedule of tours, including current amount booked, and capacity, is displayed as you take the reservation. Warning is given operator if they overbook.
- Quick passenger listings are available straight from the reservation entry screen for times when your dispatchers are adding passengers when the van is en-route.

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